This Privacy and Cookie statement provides information on how Imagejo B.V., as the data controller, handles the processing of personal data. This Privacy and Cookie Statement applies in addition to the Terms of Use, the General conditions for the delivery of products and services by Imagejo B.V. and the disclaimer(s). If any overlap or inconsistency occurs first the General conditions for the delivery of products and services by Imagejo B.V prevail, then the Terms of Use, then the Privacy and Cookie statement and then disclaimer(s).

Article 1     Contact of data controller​
1.1    This Privacy and Cookie Statement applies to the collection and processing of personal data by the private company with limited liability Imagejo B.V. (registered) located and operating at (3601 JR) Maarssen, Donkerelaan 48, The Netherlands (hereinafter 'Imagejo'). Imagejo is registered at the Chamber of Commerce with number 50743376 and can be contacted for everything related to the privacy and cookie policy via the email address: privacy[at]

Article 2     Provision of information is not an obligation


2.1.   The provision of personal data is not mandatory. However, to make use of certain services, providing some personal information is required in order for Imagejo to deliver such services.

Article 4     Cookies and Analytics

4.1     Websites of Imagejo may use "cookies". Cookies are small pieces of information (files) that a website stores on a computer. Cookies are sometimes necessary for example to make the website(s) (smoothly) and easy to use, but can also be used to match adds to your interests, to avoid presenting you with the same ads to often, to analyse your behaviour on the website, to determine what you have in your cart, to register your surfing habits all exclusively on the website(s) of Imagejo.


4.2     You can disable the use of cookies through your browser. If you do this then it is possible that (parts of) the website do not work, or do not work properly.


4.3     Imagejo uses both session cookies that are deleted by your browser once you exit your browser, and cookies that remain for a longer period e.g. to recognize you the next time you access the site. Imagejo may uses within its site(s) also products or services of third parties. For example, Imagejo uses: Google Analytics to understand the use of the Website (s), Google DFP for small business to present you with ads, partly based on your location, Vimeo and YouTube to present you with video’s. In the context of the use of these external services, it may be that these services gather information to be able to offer their service to Imagejo. Again these parties also place cookies on your computer. On the placement of these third party cookies the privacy and cookie policy of these companies in question apply. You can control through your browser if you accept these cookies or not.

Article 5     Social Networks

5.1     Imagejo website(s) can display messages that are linked to social networks like for example Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook and are related to Imagejo. Visitors and /or customers can leave their own messages through their own account on these social networks when they indicate that they want to share on Imagejo’s Website (s). These messages can then be displayed on the Website(s) of Imagejo, if the visitor and /or customer give permission through his profile on the social network. Conversely, it is also possible to leave messages on social media accounts through Imagejo website(s).


5.2     The relevant social networks are responsible for the use and provision of data used in this way. For this use, including the use of cookies that social networking sites can place, the social networks are responsible and their privacy statements apply.

Article 6     Transfer to third parties


6.1     Imagejo delivers your (personal) information only to third parties if you have consented or if this is necessary for the execution of the agreement. By acceptance of this Privacy and Cookie Statement, you hereby explicitly and unequivocally agree to such transfer of your (personal) information to third parties apart from the execution of our agreement.


6.2     Imagejo can provide your information without permission in response to lawful requests from authorities, subpoenas or court orders, to prevent or detect harm or damage, or to ensure safety of its network and services.


6.3     Finally, Imagejo may share certain anonymous information with third parties, such as the number of visitors and/or customers that make use of certain parts of the Website (s). On the basis of this information the visitor and/or customer will not be identified by third parties.


6.4    Unless your rejection or withdrawal per e-mail set forth in article 3.2, you hereby explicitly grant Imagejo and its affiliates the permission to (have) use your (personal) information via third parties and/or affiliates, including for commercial reasons.

Article 7     Newsletters

7.1     Imagejo provides for some website(s) a newsletter, in which it informs you about news in our Products and Services and related matters. Only if you have signed up to receive this newsletter your email address is added to the list of recipients of the newsletter. There is always a way to unsubscribe.

Article 8     Minors

8.1     If you are under 18 years old, your parents or legal representatives need to be aware of this Privacy- and Cookie statement before you can register to the Website(s) or sign up for the newsletter.

Article 10     Security

10.1 Imagejo will be as careful as possible to deal with the personal data provided by you and to ensure that personal data are protected from theft. Only its own employees and the employees engaged by Imagejo suppliers and necessary for the execution of the service responsible for the management and maintenance of the products and services have access to the data, which is always protected by a password.


10.2 Imagejo does not store your personal data any longer than necessary to provide the services which you have requested. We shall immediately safely remove your personal data when it is no longer necessary for these purposes.


10.3 In the potential event we need to transfer data outside of Europe, where appropriate, we strive to follow the strict rules which are in place to ensure the highest level of protection of your personal data. In case your personal data is transferred to outside of the European Economic Area, where appropriate, we strive to use one of the below mechanisms, as approved by the European Commission:

  • EU-US Privacy-shield
  • Binding corporate rules
  • Binding contractual arrangements with the recipient of the personal data, using the standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission
  • binding and enforceable commitments from the recipient to apply the appropriate safeguards to protect the transferred data.


Article 11     Change of Privacy and Cookie policy

11.1 Imagejo explicitly reserves the right to change its privacy and cookie policy as described in this Privacy and Cookie Statement. Imagejo advises visitors and/or customers therefore to check the website(s) regularly and check whether any changes have been made in the privacy and cookie statement. If these changes are substantial, Imagejo will make visitors and/or customers aware of this, for example via e-mail and substantial changes for which this is necessary we will ask for your (renewed) authorisation.

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